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  • Item #: YCANW36M/16553
  • Manufacturer: Yosemite
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: YCANW36M
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The ycanw36m by yosemite home decor is a beautiful flameless pillar candle. Standing at six inches high and three inches wide it truly rivals the real thing. This candle features an incredibly practical timer function allowing you to set the flame for four or eight hours without having to remember to turn it off later. The outside has a high quality cream colored smooth wax coating that gives off a wonderful hint of vanilla and disguises the plastic led housing inside. The wavy lip of the candle alludes to the appearance of a flame burning candle. Lit with three aaa alkaline batteries, the led wick illuminates with a faux flame that flickers with a realistic yellow glow. Now you can enjoy candlelight without the worry of having an open flame in your home, smoke or messy melting candle wax. Going flameless allows peace of mind when used around your pets, children and furniture and are perfect for outdoor gatherings eliminating the need to worry about wind snuffing it out. Lack of flame also makes these candles perfect for use in decorative lanterns inside and out of your home. Without the presence of flame, your candle will hold its beautiful shape for years to come. The battery compartment and manual timer toggle switch is discreetly located on the base of the candle, out of view.


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